Reconstituted Tobacco paper hot air drying system

 The hot-air dryer of tobacco paper line is mainly composed of hot air drying box, drying box, pneumatic opening device, dry net, dry mesh transmission part, guide roller assembly, pneumatic tensioning device, pneumatic correction and detection device and other components. 
In order to reduce the effect of temperature on the reconstituted tobacco during the drying process, the reconstituted tobacco was dried at a lower temperature in the whole drying process. 
The hot air drying box is arranged in single or multi layer pairs. 
The air box of the drying box is made of special aluminum alloy die extrusion profiles. The upper box and the lower box air nozzle adopt different structures to improve the operation stability of reconstituted tobacco leaves. The aluminum alloy formed at one time has high molding accuracy and ensures the uniform blowing surface and the error is no more than 2m/s. 
Most of the hot air is recycle used, the exhaust exhaust is reclaimed by the waste heat recovery unit to preheat the new wind and make full use of the heat energy. 
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