Reconstituted Tobacco paper hot air drying system

Product features:

  Highly integrated, it occupies only one third of the current drying method under the same product and yield conditions.
  Intelligent sandwich network double-sided hot air drying system, ensure the product in the whole process of no break point, greatly improve the product yield.。
  The effective drying length is more than 5 times of the existing equipment, which realizes the low temperature and slow drying condition required by the reconstituted tobacco leaves, and significantly improves the quality of the reconstituted tobacco leaves.
  Through the multi-stage atomized water can fully contact with the tail gas to absorb the components of the spices, so that the tail gas can meet the standards of emission. At the same time, the process water used to recover the spices can be used to soak the raw materials of the recycled tobacco leaves, effectively realizing the recycling of resources。



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