TAD System

TAD through air drying technology has changed the principle of drying, it uses through air drying instead of traditional contact surface heat transfer. It has improved the drying speed greatly, which make the material drying rapidly, thus greatly improving the utilization  efficiency of  fiber and material bulkiness. The finished product has better performance of softness and water absorption.
The  features of TAD Cylinder of our company:
According to the different speed, and processed by special welding or drilling,  the open hole area of TAD can reach over 80% ,which ensures the uniformity and speed of drying.
Using a special amplitude modulation device, the width of the finished material can be changed in a certain range. 
The use of a special net on-line cleaning device can ensure the cleanliness of the net. 
The TAD heat source can be used in a variety of forms, and it is recommended to use the gas direct combustion structure, and the heat energy efficiency is higher. 
 When the width is large, to ensure the dry degree of the horizontal material, the water adjustment device can be added. 
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